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Battle erupts on the bustling streets of Seoul, South Korea, and you’d better take cover fast because this is a hot one. Welcome to Swarm, a confined shopping center that rewards the fastest and smartest tacticians. Swarm is a new multiplayer map from the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Pack, available now on Xbox LIVE,
PlayStation®Network, and PC.

Keep Your Cool

On a small map like Swarm, it’s tempting to chase down every enemy you see, it’s a risky tactic that often backfires. Slow it down for your first few matches, and take the time to learn the landscape. Once you have a good feel for the layout, it’s much easier to determine when you should boost and pursue, and when it’s better to take cover and let them come to you. For added advantage, consider the UAV Scorestreak with the Extra Assist Points Module for a clearer view of enemy movement along with a nice score boost while active.

Controlled Chaos

Weapon choice greatly determines where you’ll be most effective, and it’s a good idea to have a variety of options on hand to best engage the current objective. The middle building can get busy fast, so take a shotgun for its punch or an SMG for its handling and speed. Equipping Exo Shield, Exo Stim, and/or some grenades doesn’t hurt either.

Along the perimeter, expect assault rifles and other mid-to-long ranged weapons. Hug the walls when advancing in case you need to boost back to cover, and keep an eye on the mini-map for targets dropping out of the middle building. The recently released Blunderbuss and STG44 are great options for these roles. While slow to reload, the Blunderbuss inflicts massive damage at close range, and the STG44 provides reliable, accurate firepower.

Fear the Drone Swarm

Equip the Orbital Care Package for a chance to earn the powerful Drone Swarm map-based Scorestreak. Rain terror on the enemy team with explosive drones at your fingertips. Fire to release a few at a time that detonate on contact. Naturally, this forces the enemy indoors to avoid attack, which makes a well-timed Drone Swarm particularly effective against outside objectives as well as flag/satellite carriers.

Flank and Repeat

In modes with stationary objectives like Hardpoint and Domination, players can quickly gather for greater control over an area. If you’re not there first, it’s difficult to break a team’s hold, but you can increase your chances by playing smart and exploiting their flank. Don’t always take the most direct route, but the most efficient one. The more unexpected your arrival, the more the odds will be in your favor, especially against greater numbers.

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