Pro Tips – Parliament: Capture the Flag

    The London cityscape beckons, but first there’s a score to settle on the water. Welcome to Parliament, featuring a military cargo ship docked on the River Thames. Parliament is a new multiplayer map from the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC Pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC.

Check Your Peripherals

Massive and intricate, Parliament might at first seem like a maze, but with some practice you’ll soon recognize its myriad possibilities. In Capture the Flag, movement and direction are everything, so consider equipping the Peripherals perk for a wider perspective of the field. Plan your routes and the points will follow.

Missing, Missing!

When your flag is taken, you can’t score. It’s a basic concept that sometimes gets lost in the heat of the match. In a large environment like Parliament, it’s vital that you track down enemy flag carriers. There’s nothing worse than waiting at base to turn in a flag that’s locked out. If you’re near the enemy carrier, go after them.

Right About…Now

Equip the Orbital Care Package and thanks us later. Parliament offers the possibility of the map-based Skylight Rocket scorestreak, and it’s a good one. Mark the spot and a barrage of missiles come raining down over your enemies. Time it to take out an enemy flag carrier or to assist an ally at a crucial moment.

Keep Swinging

Capture the Flag is a different game in the Exo Grapple playlist, and fast movement affects the score greatly. The exoskeleton powers multiple grapples, so chain them together to traverse long distances in a short amount of time. Always watch for shortcuts and use your grapple to keep ahead of the opposition.
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