Pile on those layers and strap your boots tight, we’re heading to the Arctic. A three-lane map on the shelf of a glacier, Fracture challenges players with a shifting layout where the top lane breaks apart mid-match. Fracture is a new multiplayer map from the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC.


The excavation is taking its toll, weakening the glacier’s structure. Partway through the match, the north side crumbles, changing the layout and forcing players to adapt. The shift occurs along the dotted edge on the mini map, so be prepared to move fast or take a different route. At this point, the structure shifts from three lanes to two, so adjust accordingly.

From the Outside In

Despite Fracture’s small size, snipers and other long-ranged loadouts can still inflict plenty of damage. Buildings on either side of the map offer rooftop vantage points with sights into the center, where enemy players are engaged in constant close-quarters combat. Exploit this when possible, but don’t get too comfortable because they’re likely to come knocking. Consider Overkill for a shotgun secondary to better hold down the territory.

Air Support Inbound

Despite plenty of cover objects throughout, Fracture has little overhead protection. Blind Eye is key if the enemy calls in air support, while on the other hand Hardline helps you achieve your own Scorestreaks more quickly. On smaller maps like this, there’s a higher chance of landing consecutive kills, and the extra points can mean the difference between earning a Missile Strike or the more powerful Bombing Run. Play smart and rain destruction on your enemies.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Consider Low Profile with Blast Suppressor to reduce your pings on the mini map. It’s a small environment, especially after the glacier breaks, and giving away your position unnecessarily can invite unwanted odds against you. Smart and fast Exo Boosting is vital for outmaneuvering foes in close-quarters combat, and staying off the radar when you do you helps greatly in preventing unwanted attention. You don’t necessarily need a Suppressor attachment if you stay on the move, but it doesn’t hurt to have one in reserve if the situation calls for it.

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