Pro Tips – Exo Zombies Part Three: Carrier

They killed Oz, and packed up his body like cargo. Who are these Sentinels, anyway? And why is this Captain Lennox holding us hostage? The Exo Zombies story continues with Carrier in the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC Pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC. Great rewards and greater risks lie ahead, so let’s give you a helping hand:

Watch My Back

Obvious enough in any situation, but it’s particularly imperative with Carrier. The match begins with the group split in pairs. If you don’t watch out for each other, you risk getting stuck in a bad solo situation. Stay alert and then rethink your strategy when the whole team meets up. Not sure where to start? Open a path to Cargo and suit up.

Grenade Disposal

When you’re not using your grenades to blow off limbs, gamble for some extra spending money using the Armory’s Grenade Disposal. It’s fun to watch and can net up to 1,000 additional points at the cost of a measly grenade. Use it to build points when your primary grenades are at max capacity, especially in the earlier rounds. And trust us, with all the new goodies in the 3D Printer, every bit counts.

Great Rewards

Carrier ups the ante with a full array of new, helpful items. Scorestreaks include Sentinel support squads and a crowd-control turret that cripples zombies caught in its waves. The new Stockpile Exo Upgrade increases your grenade and ammo carrying capacity, and new gadgets like teleportation grenades and the unwieldy but deadly LZ-52 Limbo await your discovery in the 3D Printer. Combine all that with the Open Fire or Explosive Touch power up, and you might just get out of this place alive. And we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Greater Risks

If there’s ones thing you can count on, it’s that all these benefits are included for a reason: Carrier’s a dangerous place. Some of the zombies on board – including dogs and more – can teleport in rapid succession as they close in for the kill. If that’s not horrifying enough, aggressive Atlas strike teams are boarding the ship, and toxic gas bombs threaten to contaminate whole areas if you don’t defuse them in time. And all the while, Oz is still carrying on. What are they doing with him anyway?
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