Pro Tips – Exo Zombies Part Four: Descent

Oz has shifted to full-on zombie mode leaving Lilith, Decker, Kahn and Lennox to scramble and find him. The trail leads to the Trident Retreat, an Atlas R&R facility that might just hold the answers they’re looking for. Descent brings the Exo Zombies saga to its epic conclusion in the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC. Now let’s go over some tips to get you started:

A Warm Welcome

It sure looks inviting, but there’s something sinister going on at the Trident Retreat. As with all Exo Zombies maps, the more familiar you are with the environment, the better off you’ll be in hectic firefights. Familiarize yourself with each area: note where the power switches are located, as well as weapons, upgrade stations, Exo Abilities, and the 3D Printer. Find out where each teleporter takes you, and know where to go if you need to slow down and fight the horde.

Bring the Pain with New Weapons

The Trident Retreat’s 3D Printer holds the schematics for two new weapons: the Blunderbuss and the Trident. Zombies collapse under the sheer damage of the Blunderbuss, but the tradeoff is a painfully slow reload. It serves best as a powerful secondary weapon when combined with Exo Reload. Get up close, fire, create distance while reloading, and repeat.

Take the Trident, no questions about it. Its projectiles ricochet, bouncing off walls and slamming into nearby enemies. Against large groups it’s indispensable; just shoot the wall and let the homing mechanics take care of the rest. This allows you to focus on movement instead of careful aiming. Make the Trident an upgrade priority and your team will thank you for it.

Decimate Zombies with the Goliath

Overwhelmed and overrun? Check for the on-screen Goliath icon. If it’s there, take the staircase in the Galleria to reach the Tidal Generator. Look for the drop on the rooftop above Exo Health. If it’s not there, hop into the nearby teleporter and check the Landing area. Equipped with rockets, a minigun, and a long timer, the Goliath suit decimates Zombies. As an added bonus, you can still activate teleporters while wearing it. Quickly find your teammates and lock down the round.

Round 13

Oz isn’t playing around, and he’s got some tricks up his sleeves. Preparation is key. Save some points coming out of Round 12, hold onto any Orbital Care Packages you’ve picked up, and get your hands on some good weapons, grenades, and Exo Abilities. And when you do face Oz? That’s for you and your teammates to figure out. Pay attention to your environment, watch each other’s backs, and don’t let up. Using strong teamwork, you might just survive. Maybe.

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